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Laundry collection & delivery in Reading:

Self Service Price List

Download self service price list.

Self-Service Washing Machines

<6kg Machine £3.50
<12kg Machine £6.00

<18kg Machine £8.00

Self-Service Tumble Driers

2 Minutes 25p
8 Minutes £1

Treatment Products

Liquitab 50p
Conditioner 50ml 50p
Bleach 100ml 50p
Vanish 100ml 50p
Tumble Drier Sheet 30p
Colour Catcher 50p

Services that can be offered:

£17 per man hour (min of 2 hours per property)
Cleaning chemicals are included, products such as bags, toilet rolls, toilet blocks, diffusers ect can be provided but will be charged for or if they are onsite then we will use them

Laundry: wash dry fold
1 bed property £18
2 bed property £20
3 bed property £25
4 bed property £ 30

(1 bed = 1x fitted sheet 1x duvet cover 2x pillow case 2x bath towel 2x hand towel 2x face cloths 1 bath mat set 2 tea towels)

(2bed = 4x fitted sheets 4x duvet cover 8x pillow case 4x bath towel 4x hand towel 4x face cloths 1 X bath mat set 2 tea towels)

(3bed = 6x fitted sheets 6x duvet cover 12x pillow case 6x bath towel 6x hand towel 6x face cloths 2x bath mat set 2 tea towels)

(4bed = 8x fitted sheets 8x duvet cover 16x pillow case 8x bath towel 8x hand towel 8x face cloths 3 x bath mat set 2 tea towels)

Laundry wash dry and iron

1 bedroom £30
2 bedroom £35
3 bedroom £45
4 bedroom £55

Sets as above

These are the prices if we are cleaning the property (there is another price list if you bring the laundry to the shop to be done which is more expensive)

Key holding £ free (if we clean)

Inventory check once a month
(free if we clean)

Photos after every clean no charge

Reporting defects free if we clean

Call out charge eg: guest locked out 7 am – 7 pm £30 includes first hour £17ph thereafter

Call out charge 7 pm – 7 am £50 includes first hour £25ph thereafter

To my knowledge nobody else offers this –
Laundry services are available eg: for dry cleaning and general laundry & ironing these can be arranged for your guest and can be charged directly to them via card

Mid rent clean £17ph + laundry if bedding and towels are changed

Coming soon

Meet and greet service £tbc
Linen hire £tbc
Deep clean £tbc
Carpet cleaning £tbc

Full assistance and change is available during our service times. Customers are welcome to use their own laundry products in our machines. Customer seating & folding table are available. Coin operated machines. Shop Front Parking.

Laundry Collection & Delivery Service

Collection & delivery service covering - Reading, Woodley, Earley, Winnersh, Wokingham, Tilehurst, Sonning, Caversham, Whitley and Shinfield